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John Harrison Photography John is a relative newcomer to the Fine Art Nature and Landscape Photography world. John has recently received accolades and awards including winning a national photography competition (Aperture Nature Photography Workshop Contest – ANPW) and been juried into the prestigious North America Nature Photography Association (NANPA) “Members Showcase.“ "I’m a landscape and nature photographer! I love capturing vibrant colors in sunrises and sunsets, textures in nature, the moon, flowing water and waterfalls. I try to capture the mood of the scene and love how the light interacts with the scene. My rare image of Horsetail Falls waterfall at sunset in Yosemite “Nature’s Firefall” image ties all of these together – a dramatic waterfall at sunset that looks like molten lava surrounded by the incredible rock textures of El Capitan in Yosemite. Water, rocks, tree bark, leaves….all things in nature have a texture to me. When I’m at a location, my challenge is capturing how the scene in front of me looks, feels, sounds or smells. Even with today’s equipment, it’s a challenge to recreate what your eyes see. If I’m successful, the photograph will remind me of that place I want to be on a Friday afternoon." John is a Silicon Valley marketing professional by day, and photographer at night after the kids go to bed (and when I sneak out to take pictures at sunset and sunrise). John is located in Sunnyvale, California. John takes many of his Landscape photos within the San Francisco Bay Area, as well as Yosemite National Park, Redwood National Park, Point Lobos, Grand Tetons National Park, San Mateo Coast, Butano State Park, San Francisco, Marin Headlands, Garrapata State Park , Alcatraz, San Sausalito, Big Sur, and the Monterey Bay Aquarium. John also has photographs from one of the last farms in Mountain View, California - The Grant Road Farm. Capturing the light and the feelings of being in those places is what John is trying to achieve – “Do you want to be there?!?!” John has recently debuted new series titled "Water, Light and Textures" which include scenes from Yosemite National Park, “Rock Textures in Point Lobos” and “Rockscapes in the Valley of Fire.” John has recently started printing canvas gallery-wrap Giclée images. John just got his first magazine cover placement with one of his photographs in Image Magazine and was featured talking about his fine art photography on the Satellite TV art review show, "The Painting Gourmet" He was also recently featured in the Mercury News online edition, a full page story in the Sunnyvale Sun newspaper, and Photo Talk Radio podcast. John is on the board of directors of the Palo Alto Camera Club, an instructor in the PACC Digital Nature Photography Course, and a member of the Pacific Art League Gallery in Palo Alto. Harrison’s skill reflects his training under legendary photographers including Charlie Cramer, Bill Atkinson, Michael Frye, Scott Bourne, Jennifer Wu, Steve Simon, Dave Cross, Kevin McNeal, and Joe Decker. John has recently started printing large format Canvas Giclée gallery wrap images. For more examples of the canvas prints, look on this page. look on this page Enjoy this gallery as a small portion of his work. You can contact John at: john @ and on twitter here: Background John started his interest in photography with a Kodak Instamatic Camera when he was just a kid. He received his first 35mm camera (Agfa) from his father and learned the art of working with fully manual cameras. Both his father and grandfather were photography enthusiasts complete with darkrooms. In junior high, John got his first Nikon FM SLR where he was the lead yearbook photographer. His first modern camera was a Nikon N70 SLR that he used for many years.


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