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  • About Yosemite and Bay Area by John Harrison Photography

John is a nationally award-winning Nature and Landscape photographer here in the San Francisco Bay Area.  By day he is a high-tech Product Manager. John captures amazing images from around the world including Yosemite and the San Francisco Bay Area. "I'm a landscape guy! I love capturing vibrant colors in sunrises and sunsets, textures in nature, the moon, flowing water and waterfalls." John's images can be seen at Google, Apple, REI and by collectors around the world.

This is my outlet and passion! I love capturing vibrant colors in sunrises and sunsets, textures in nature, the moon, flowing water and waterfalls. I try to capture the mood of the scene and love how the light interacts with the scene.

Corporate, Healthcare and individual collectors are in demand of John’s images that often leave his collectors gazing at his images for hours taking them to these wonderful places John has captured.

Here is a quote from one of my collectors: “As my husband and I began renovating our living room we new we wanted a large scale art piece that was beautiful and stirring. Knowing we wanted something that captured Northern California we spent hours looking through Peter Lik and Rodney Lough photos knowing their work was what we had in mind; nothing spoke to us. After a significant period of time searching we came across John. His images immediately caught our attention. When we came across "Above the Fog" we knew we had found it. John patiently worked with us to determine the size and finish. We knew we loved the image but it's difficult to describe how incredibly stunning it is. My husband and I catch ourselves just standing in front of it staring. It is truly the most beautiful and emotional piece we have in our collection and we could not be more thrilled.”

John Harrison Photography

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